FREE List Making Prompts (An easy way to get your children to write!)

    For some little ones (mine included!) writing can be such a chore.  From forming individual letters correctly, to spelling words, forming can be exhausting for some.  
     A few years ago I came across the brilliant idea of "list making."  Simple as that.  Have your children make lists.  From grocery lists, to listing their favorite books and movies, to inventing new flavors of ice cream.  Getting them writing (and having fun!) can be a game changer.  

If you could invent new flavors of ice cream, what would they be called?
Make a list of all of the foods that you can think of that are red.
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    Now, obviously making lists isn't teaching them how to write a good paragraph, or even a proper sentence...but they are brainstorming and they are writing.  It's a way for them to practice their handwriting and spelling. It's getting them to pick up their pencil and put their thoughts down on paper. 

    I've put together some simple list making prompts that you are welcome to use for free.  Simply print off the prompts you would like.  If your child isn't ready for writing on their own yet, you could help them by writing their ideas down for them trace.  Remember to only use one or two words if you can on each line.  Simple and fun!  

    Get your FREE List Making Writing Prompts here, or click on the link below!  I hope you can enjoy!

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.


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