FREE The Holy Trinity (activity, mini poster & poem)

Looking for something to do with your little ones for Saint Patrick's Day?  Grab this free download and help teach them The Holy Trinity using a shamrock!  A simple and fun way to explain a difficult concept, and to keep your Saint Patrick's Day about more than luck, leprechauns, and pots of gold!

Included are two mini posters (a color version, and a black and white version which can be used as a coloring page), a poem (color version, black and white, and a traceable version in both color and black and white.), and the Holy Trinity Activity.  This is a simple activity where your child will color and cut out a shamrock, then glue it to a separate piece of paper or cardstock.  They will then color and cut out squares that represent The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  They can then glue each square to a leaf of the shamrock.  Three in one!  

A suggestion video is also given to go along with this download.  Veggie Tales has a Saint Patrick's Day video that is around nine minutes long, and is perfect to include with this activity!     

I hope you can enjoy!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! ☘

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