I Can Write My Name!

Is your child learning to write his or her name? These pages will give them some great practice recognizing the letters in their name and then forming them. They will begin by coloring in the squares on an alphabet chart that contain all of the letters of their first name. (You could also use this to focus on their last name if you wish to have them work on that instead.) They will then practice writing the first letter in their name. The next page will have them color in the squares for letters two and three, practice writing those, and then they will then put all three letters together. If they have a fourth letter in their name they continue the practice. Coloring in the letter on the chart, writing that letter, then putting all of the letters together that they have done up to that point. There are enough pages for up to ten letters. At the end of the practice pages, they can go back to the first page where is says, "This belongs to...." where they can then write their name on the line!

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I hope you enjoy!


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