FREE Spring Themed Bible Verses Mini Posters

When even the softest notes of spring hint at their arrival, a sense of hope seems to stir in our hearts.  Spring thaws out the winter and brings a sense of renewal within even the thickest of ice.  

We have hope in this world because of Jesus Christ.  He is our hope, our salvation, and just as sure as the winter will thaw each year, Jesus will continue to be our constant.   

To celebrate our renewal in Him, and the soft notes of spring He himself has created, these Bible Verses seem quite perfect.  

I made six Spring Themed mini posters, each containing  a Bible verse that speak of spring and renewal.

Grab these below to use in your own home, homeschool, Sunday School or Classroom.  Enjoy!  
Get your FREE Spring Themed Bible Verses Mini Posters here!

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